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No species of bee in Bromley is protected but Wasptec strive to relocate bees wherever possible and as humanely as possible. Wasptec are Eco Aware.

Bees play a very important role to our Bromley ecosystem and all efforts should be made to save them, however bees can sometimes nest to close for comfort, they can take over chimney stacks and build in wall cavities.

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Wasptec specialise in Bee Nest Removal, Bee Swarm Relocation and Bee Control.

If you have any species of bee residing on your home, garden or work place then you will need expert advice. Call Wasptec today and we can help.

Bee identification is paramount, many bee species are harmless and can be left alone. Knowing where the bees have settled will help us determine the most appropriate course of action. Wasptec will only kill bees as a last resort and will do our best to relocate honeybees into local hives.

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Call now for free advice and bee identification in Bromley, Croydon and BR postcodes.

Wasptec Technicians provide Wasp Nest Removal Bromley and throughout local areas

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Every treatment supplied by Wasptec comes with a full guarantee.
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If you have any questions before or after a bees nest removal feel free to give us a call for a chat with one of our experienced personnel.


There are over 250 species of bee in the UK, Wasptec specialise in local Bee Control.

An average bee hive will contain between fifty and eighty thousand bees. Swarms of honeybees can cause panic due to the huge quantity. Wasptec offer free advice on bee nest removal in Bromley.

Honeybees are the only bee species in the Bromley area that swarm, they may land and take off again up to ten times before they decide to settle. Once honeybees are happy with their new location they can occupy the same spot for over ten years

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Bee, wasp and hornet stings can cause the occurrence of a serious condition known as Anaphylactic shock.

Seek medical attention immediately if swelling to the throat or breathing difficulties are present after an insect sting.

Wasps throughout Bromley often attack, adults, children, animals and other insects. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction whcih can be life threating. Eyes, throat and tongue can swell.

A quick response to those in trouble after a sting is paramount, it can save a life.

Anaphylactic shock will come on rapidly for anyone allergic to bee, hornet and wasp stings. There are many people within Bromley and Orpington who have no idea they suffer with this quite common condition.

Waptec, wasp nest removal Bromley will gladly help you with your concerns. Call now.

Professional technicians . Wasptec have been providng wasp nest removal solutions throughout Bromley for many years and take pride in customer service.

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Bees can cause issues when they have settled on homes, buildings and in gardens.

In some cases bees can not be relocated due to access restrictions and without costing thousands in building works. Wasptec can help with humane treatments.

The honey produced by bees can cause serious damage to buildings and will attract other insects, rodents and vermin. In these circumstances bee nest removal is not possible and a treatment will need to be made. Rest assured Wasptec comply with all laws associated with Bromley bee control and offer the most humane methods available.

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A single honey bee will live for about 5 weeks and produce about a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey during its lifetime.

The Queen honeybee will lay about two thousand eggs every single day and can live for about five years. The honey produced is the only food source used by man that is produced by an insect.

There can be as many as eighty thousand honeybees in a single hive all producing honey and being replenished by the Queen.

This is when problems can occur with building structures when a colony can not be removed. The honey will attract other vermin and pests. Call Wasptec for advice about bees that can't be collected.

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Do All Bees Sting?

No, Many bee species throughout the Bromley and Orpington local areas do not sting. Mining bees, Mason bees and Carpenter bees are harmless. Bumblebees and honey bees do sting and can attack if threatened. Bumblebees are similar to wasps and hornets because they can sting multiple times.

Are Bees a protective species?

Bees are not under a protection order but great efforts are made by Wasptec to relocate bees if we can. Unfortunately it is not always possible to collect the bees and treatments may have to be made. Free identification and resolve advice is available seven days a week.

What do I do with Bumblebees?

Bumblebee advice is available by calling Wasptec. There are many species of Bumble in Bromley. Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Bromley will help you with identification. Bumblebees that nest above the ground are the most aggressive and control measures should be made. Call Bee Nest Removal Bromley for free advice.

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