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Wasptec only use licensed and regulated products during wasp control.
Bromley technicians are trained to the highest standards.

There are numerous insecticidal options available on the market to control wasps, bees and hornets. Wasptec wasp nest removal Bromley opt for the most humane option every time.

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Technicians carry all necessary protective clothing and the most advanced equipment available for even the most awkward of colonies.

Unlike many Pest Control companies and Bromley local council Wasptec never charge more for nests high up. No matter where the colony is located our price is the same.

Wasptec are IPAF and IOSH regulated and are fully certified to work at any height. Rest assured Wasp Nest Removal Bromley have never failed yet to remove an infestation.

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If bumblebees or a swarm of bees in Bromley can be relocated then there are no chemicals required

If treatments are required then Wasptec will only use the most humane products available. We strive to save bees if we possibly can and expert advice will always be given.

Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Orpington work alongside the BBKA and the British Bumblebee trust and the Think Wildlife fund. Bee colonies are only destroyed if all other measures can not be made.

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Are treatments safe for Children and Pets?

When a treatment is applied correctly then they are 100% safe. Wasptec technicians have undergone extensive COSH and PPE training and are highly experienced in control measures.

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How long does a wasp nest removal take?

Wasptec will carry out a site survey and apply the most appropriate treatment for the task at hand. This usually takes between ten and twenty minutes. The colony will be inactive within an hour or two of treatment.

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Are you Environmentally Friendly?

Wasptec adhere to all guidelines and apply treatments correctly which makes us a very Eco-friendly company. Wasptec only administer insecticides into the heart of the nest or entry point and liberal spraying is never carried out.

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