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Wasptec, wasp nest removal Bromley, are highly experienced in safe, humane and effective control of stinging insects such as wasps, bees and hornets.

All pose a threat to the public, all three species can be volatile when threatened and will all defend their colonies in large numbers. Wasptec are experts in resolving these issues quickly and safely. Call Wasptec wasp nest removal Bromley

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Efficent and Professional Wasp Nest Removal Orpington, Bromley and Areas Surrounding BR postcodes.

The two main insect species controlled by Wasptec are the European Wasp and the Common wasp which are widespread throughout the area.

Both species of wasp can attack in vast numbers and professional wasp control is highly recommended. Wasptec offer a quick and discreet service seven days a week throughout Bromley and Orpington.

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Wasptec - Wasp Nest Removal Bromley , providing professional solutions


The difference in habitats between the Common Wasp and European/German Wasp

The common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) will nest underground and is responsible for most wasp attacks. The nests are concealed and can be accidentally walked across which leads the wasps to attack. The slightest vibration will alert the wasps to defend their colony and they do so in vast numbers. Call Wasptec wasp nest removal Bromley now.

Common wasps cause major issues in gardens, parks, school grounds and along countryside walkways.

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European Wasp

Vespula Germanica are above ground dwelling insects. Their nests will vary in shape and size depending upon where the queen has started the nest construction. The wasps will quite happily continue enlarging the nest according to weather conditions and food supply. An average colony will contain anywhere between 10 and 20 thousand wasps but 50 thousand or more is quite common. Wasp Nest Removal Bromley can remove any sized colony from the home and garden with the minimum of fuss.

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Common Wasp

Vespula Vulgaris construct their colonies under the ground, often found in the garden area the common wasp can be quite hard to notice. They often take over small rodent burrows or will build in compost bins and can be particularly aggressive. Ground vibrations will alert the wasps that there may be an imminent threat and the wasps will investigate and attack if needs be. The other dangers associated with Common wasps is the public never know how large the colony underground is. Shop bought products rarely work because there will be thousands of wasps within.

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Wasp Control in Bromley

Common wasps and European wasps are treated in the same way. An insecticidal dust is administered via a high pressured system allowing the dust to disperse throughout the colony. A nest will calm down within 20-30 minutes of treatment and activity will completely cease within an hour or two. Protective clothing is worn by all technicians and advice is given before and after treatments for your safety. Wasptec never cause wasps to swarm or attack and only use the most humane methods available.

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Wasptec are a very Eco aware company thriving to protect bees throughout Bromley and all areas.

Bees are not protected but great care is taken to save the bees wherever possible. Wasptec are experts in bee relocation and strive to save bees wherever possible.

Wasptec offer free advice about all bee species and we can help identify the bees in question and the best way forward. If we have no other choice but to destroy a colony then this is done in the most humane way possible.

With over two hundred and fifty species of bee in the UK it is good to know which bee you have. Many bees are harmless and do not sting but some will pose a threat to the public. Honeybee swarms can often be relocated into local hives and bumblebees collected and placed elsewhere. If bees can not be accessed and are on your property causing concern then control may be the only option. Call Wasptec today for free advice, identification and bee removal options.

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Bumble Bees are Common in Bromley

There are many species of Bumblebee in Britain and the majority will nest underground. Most bumbles are not aggressive and can usually be left alone. They are great pollinators and by avoiding the area where they are nesting is the best advice. However, Wasptec understand that Bees can sometimes cause real inconvenience especially if building works need to resume or if you have allergies or young children. In these circumstances call Bee Nest Removal Bromley for free advice.

Asian Tree Bumblebee

Bombus Hypnorum is the most aggressive species of bee found in the UK. Since there introduction in 2012 this bee has become widespread across the Bromley and Orpington area. Unlike most bumbles the Asian Tree Bumblebee nests high up, often under insulation in lofts and will also nest in bird boxes. During the months of May, June and July you will often see these bumblebees darting around the gutter line. They have an orange thorax and white tail and is the only bee species that Wasp Nest Removal Bromley need to control. They are detrimental to our native bees and can attack in large quantities. Call us for advice on this particular species.

Mining and Mason Bees

Both these species of bee are harmless and can only sting if squeezed tightly. Try to avoid killing these bees as they pose no threat and cause very little damage. The Mason bee is a solitary bee but they nest very close by often taking over walls with poor cement work. Thousands can sometimes be seen altogether on just one surface wall. Treatments can be made if you can not put up with the infestation because they will return every year thereafter. As always with bees try to live with them if you can. Mining bees seldom cause any issues and should be left alone.



Never attempt to kill a honey bee swarm, call the Bee Nest Removal service in Bromley for free advice.

The most important of all pollinators is the honeybee and great care should be made to protect them. Honeybees are a social insect and live together in hives, when a hive gets to large then it will spilt and a caste of about 40,000 bees will leave and find a new home.

This is when we see swarms land which can cause concern. Most swarms can be collected by Wasptec and re-homed into local beekeepers hives. Some swarms will land in totally inaccessible areas such as chimney stacks and wall cavities. These swarms unfortunately need to be destroyed because the honey produced can cause serious damage and will attract other insects and rodents. Honeybees are not protected but ll efforts should be made to save them if possible. Wasptec can attend and offer you the best advice.

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Are Bees Protected

Contrary to popular belief no species of bee is protected. If bees are on your premises and causing concern then they can be removed or destroyed if needs must. Sometimes it is impossible to get to the colony and in these circumstances bees can be a real pest. They produce so much honey which will start seeping through walls and plasterboard, honey will also attract other insects and vermin. Bees also create considerable noise which can affect sleeping and of course bees are no good for Anaphylactic sufferers. Free advice is readily available from Wasptec.

Bee Nest Removal

If bee swarm can be relocated the Wasptec will endeavour to do so, if a colony needs to be destroyed then insecticides with anaesthetics will always be used I order to make the process as humane as possible. Wasptec save 80% of all bee swarms we attend to and work closely with the British Bee Keeping Association and local bee keepers. Saving a colony is far more gratifying then destroying one for all of our technicians and so every effort is made to do so.

Bee Relocation in Bromley

Wasp Nest Removal Bromley also specialise in the relocation and protection of bees. Wasptec use many local beekeepers where we can take swarms collected from homes and gardens. The BBKA and the Bumblebee Trust are two excellent places for all sorts of information regarding bees. Unlike some pest control companies Wasptec always try to relocate the bees wherever possible. If you have a bee infestation call us now for free expert advice.



Wasp Nest removal Bromley cover all local areas including Orpington, Beckenham, Chislehurst and Sidcup.

Wasptec have fully qualified local technicians on hand seven days a week in order to resolve your wasp, bee or hornet issues in the quickest possible time and cover a 10mile Bromley radius.

Wasptec provide wasp nest removal in Orpington, Croydon, West Wickham and all surrounding towns and villages. A same or next day service is always available and we work most weekends for those who have work commitments.

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Wasp Nest Removal Orpington

Wasptec have a local technician based in Orpington covering all BR5 and BR6 postcode areas. Orpington is a busy area for Wasptec and always gets its fair share of bees, hornets and wasps. Many pub lunches and country walks can be spoiled by to many wasps. For the quickest response and highest level of service give Wasptec a call today.

Wasp Nest Removal Beckenham

If you live in or around Beckenham and have wasps around the home, garden or even your place of work then our local Beckenham based pest control team can help. Wasptec are in and around all BR3 postcode areas daily both mornings and afternoons and also the majority of weekends. A same day treatment can usually be made and we are currently 33% cheaper than all local councils.

Wasp Nest Removal Chislehurst

If you live in or around the BR7 postal code area and have an infestation of bees, wasps or hornets simply call Wasptec today. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are fully licensed in order to supply the most effective remedies possible. We offer a genuine 100% guarantee and encourage all of our customers to leave reviews for the service they received.



The most common hornet in the Bromley region is the European Hornet (Vespa Crabro).

The European Hornet is about two and a half times the size of a wasp and can sting repeatedly. Nests can contain between one and two thousand hornets and DIY treatments should never be attempted.

Wasp Nest Removal Bromley only use licensed products especially designed for hornet control which are very fast acting, safe and humane. Hornets will attack in large numbers if disturbed.

The Asian Hornet is now also in the UK and will spread rapidly over the next few years. The Asian Hornet (Vespa Velutina) could be devastating to our honey bee population and they are not a welcome visitor to our shores. Call Wasptec for free advice if you suspect you have Asian Hornets nesting nearby.

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Asian Hornet

Asian Hornets have a bright orange head with two large black eyes, a black thorax and black and golden striped abdomen. They attack bee hives in order to feed on the honey and can destroy a colony of 80,000 bees in just a few hours. They have a very painful sting and attacks can often be fatal. Wasptec have specialist technicians specifically trained for Asian Hornet Removal.

European Hornet

Vespa Crabro or the European Hornet has become far more widespread on homes and business premises over the last decade throughout Bromley and Orpington. Hornets were more of a woodland creature but have adapted well to more urban areas. Hornet colonies can exceed a thousand insects and will attack in force if disturbed.

Hornet Control

Wasptec will carry out a free site survey and offer advice before and after treatments are executed. Safety is paramount when treating hornet colonies. Once the treatment has been made the colony will die off within an hour or two. Wasp nest removal Bromley have all the correct clothing and application equipment in order to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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